Aims & Objectives

AORTIC identified these priority areas:

Emphasis on development of National Cancer Control Programmes.

A useful guiding tool, “Cancer Plan for the African Continent, 2013-2017”, was developed which we hope will help in the campaign to prevent, treat and control cancer in Africa.

“Key” cancers such as:

A need to develop innovative strategies for prevention, and early detection of cancer and to ensure access to low-cost anti-cancer therapies, which are country and region specific.

Maintain and support ongoing appropriate regional and country cancer training programmes in palliative care.

Develop resources that support cancer care in services such as:

Cultivate partnerships with global cancer organisations, the media, technology providers, AORTIC membership expertise and regional professional organisations, policy makers, the private sector, healthcare workers, community groups and non-communicable disease alliances, while prioritising synergy of efforts.